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TVBOO is an absolute madman, and he proves it with his latest EP titled Something 4 Ur Mind. A quickly rising star in the bass music scene, TVBOO paired up with Wakaan for this latest body of work.

Something 4 Ur Mind is truly something special.

The four track EP is 16 and a half minutes of grime, wonks, bwah wah wah’s, thicccc bass and everything in between. You will not find any copy pasta drops here, hawks!

The title track catches and hold your attention with its well-timed switch ups and face melting wobbles. Personal favorite “Bust” brings us back to our TWONK days with a TVBOO twist. This track is LITERALLY insane.

“Warhead” is a hard hitting slapper nastier than my compost bin after a good rain. And finally, “Listen” is the definition of a mainstage festival-ending banger (whenever we return to festivals again haha pain). It’s the perfect ending to a massive EP.

TVBOO tells us more about the Something 4 Ur Mind EP:

“I always have tried to express and transfer my high energetic self into my music. After years of trial and error, I finally feel like I’ve really found a sound that is unique to me. With this ep, I feel like someone could close their eyes, hear the tracks, and know its TVBOO. And that a point I’ve always wanted to get to. This ep is that journey of me finding myself musically. Also, these tracks slap harder than my ex stepmom.”


If you didn’t already know, TVBOO isn’t just mad talented in the realm of music – he is also freaking hilarious. His podcast, “TVLKS WITH TVBOO” has featured guests including Kai Wachi, Dirt Monkey, Boogie T, and more. Season 2 of “TVLKS with TVBOO” just kicked off and is already full of chaos. Just the way we like it here at Electric Hawk.

For the love of all things TVBOO, stream Something 4 Ur Mind here!

We also want to highlight all of the amazing work that Wakaan has done in 2020. Check out their Soundcloud here:

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