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Be honest, do we really deserve TOKiMONSTA? Probably not, but she’s blessed us anyway with her new LP Oasis Nocturno that’s as genre-fluid as it gets. Over the span of 12 songs, she explores and incorporates dance music with R&B, funk, and letting different vocalists take the reigns. And if you didn’t catch her live-stream the entire thing earlier this week, now’s your chance to hear it in full.

Starting off with “Love That Never,” previously released to the full LP, this tribal-influenced track sets the tone and tells the story of personal fulfillment through self love.

Along with this, TOKiMONSTA also released a gorgeous animated visualizer depicting that message. Watch here:

With minimal yet crisp production, TOKiMONSTA steps back and lets Atlanta hip-hop duo EarthGang take the forefront on “One Day.” Changing pace, she brings out the funk in the next track, “Get Me Some,” with Drew Love and a piping hot verse from rapper Dumbfoundead.

Switching gears yet again in a cohesive manner, “Renter’s Anthem” bridges the transition, showcasing four minutes of alluring vocal chops and punchy kicks. Then, flexing an undeniable swagger, she creates the perfect musical consonance between downtempo bass and percussion in “Up and Out.”

Fried for the Night,” the first single from the LP, marks the halfway point. Recruiting EarthGang once more, TOKiMONSTA has deemed this track as “other worldly.” And the hallucinatory house party music video below just exemplifies it that much more.

“Fried for the Night” feat. EarthGang
Directed by Romain Laurent

Next, she teams up with Sunni Colon to bring a warm, tropical-like atmosphere in “Phases” before hitting the gas on a smooth and soulful R&B reminiscent tune, “Come and Go,” with VanJess. Yeah, that’s some queen sh*t. Forget hot girl summer, it’s hot girl quarantine with this song.

In the following sequence of songs, “To be Remote” and “House of Dal,” she introduces an instrumental ambiance with the inclusion of wispy, ethereal vocal chops. Rosehardt helps bring the melodic “Higher Hopes” to new heights, before “For My Eternal, Oh Dream My Treasure” seals the LP with a gentle, but nonetheless powerful ballad.

After listening to this whimsical, yet cathartic work of art, the only thing left to say is… hail queen TOKiMONSTA.

Giving her thoughts on what Oasis Nocturno means to her, TOKiMONSTA stated:

Oasis Nocturno is a journey from dusk to dawn- following the evolving moods and feelings of the night. Making this album gave me a piece of paradise to turn to during some difficult growing pains as a musician and a person. During these ever changing times, I hope listeners will find some fun, romance and refuge in this album.


Listen to Oasis Nocturno by TOKiMONSTA below! Out via Young Art Records.

Although her upcoming tour is scheduled to begin in April, TOKiMONSTA has reassured she’s monitoring the situation closely. If need be, certain dates will be rescheduled instead of cancelled. While this may slow it down, she most definitely will not be stopped. This powerhouse of an album made sure of that.

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