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No, we’re not kidding.. Toadface has done it again. And by ‘it,’ we mean that he has crafted together another mesmerizing EP. In this new project he gives us the perfect taste of his dynamic OG sound while also experimenting with newer melodies and more thrilling bass drops. Toadface’s Gangrene EP is an ethereal journey into the gates of the swampy undefined.

Toadface has an extremely unique sound. In other words, he has an ability to mix a multitude of genres and create art. In his earlier projects we saw more of a heavy side and the transition into the mellow harmonies has been quite a treat for our ears. Musical genius this man is.

So stoked on this new new, I think its my best yet!

Toadface on Gangrene EP

We think so too, king. Funky, poetic, and mysterious all in one. Without a doubt, this EP is a masterpiece from the first song to the last. It has a very scenic vibe to it. You listen to it and picture dew on a mossy branch on a foggy Autumn morning. You’re wearing a sweater. Everything feels and smells so fresh.

Wait.. Do Ya’ll Mind If We Simp Real Quick?

Seven exquisitely produced and mixed and mastered tracks come with this EP. Uniquely all of them were so incredibly tip-top. But, one stuck out to us. Our favorite track from Gangrene is the very final one, “Wholesome.” Pretty much got it spot on with the title, it’s definitely wholesome. Hypnotic instruments play as funky sounds hum a poetic tune. This is a feel-good track that we needed and were hoping for with this EP. In short, it was a breath of fresh air having it as the final song. It left us smiling and wanting more from Toadface.

I guess hawks love toads for more than just a snack. Toadface has brought to us a new vision of what the future of this music we all love is looking like. Risks, scenic, funk and vibes. Toadface’s Gangrene EP is an incredible demonstration of his success as an artist. He put so much time and dedication into this and you can tell how hard he worked. Basically, we are loving every second of it and appreciate the beauty that Toadface brought with this.

Listen To The Gangrene EP From Toadface Here!!!

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