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Rise ‘n’ Shine- it’s Snake Pit time!

It’s 7 a.m. and the gates are open! Crowds coming running in through the mud to grab their spot on the rail for a long day of dancing, drinking, and enjoying the 103rd running of The Greatest Spectacle in Racing (although some people are unaware there is a race), The Indianapolis 500. As an Indy 500 tradition, the Snake Pit has hosted some of the top DJ’s over the years.

This years lineup included Ricky Retro, Chris Lake, Illenium, Alesso, and Skrillex! This isn’t your typical show- with roughly 30,000 attendees, a BYOB policy, and unpredictable weather- the Snake Pit is always a treat.

Indy 500

The Snake Pit is the closest thing the Hoosier State has to a real festival so it tends to bring out the good, the bad, and the drunk. Leading up to the day there was talks of cancellations and rain on the horizon, but we were blessed with beautiful weather and a lot of unexpected sunburns (speaking from personal experience).

The day started early with Ricky Retro kicking it off at 7:15 a.m. All I’m saying is if you make it from 7 a.m. util the end- you’re a freakin’ trooper. Snake Pit is most definitely a marathon and not a sprint.

Following Ricky Retro, Chris Lake brought us some deep house vibes, filling the whole pit with bass. He kept the crowd moving as people filled in for Illenium- set to play at 10:15 a.m.

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 10.47.30 PM.png
Once Illenium took the stage- the crowd went WILD. “I think this is the earliest set I’ve ever played!” shouted Illenium. Which I agree, it was rather early for the emotional rollercoaster we were sent on. The crowd kept the energy high for the pre-race show while Illenium played some of his hits including his new collab with Jon Bellion and an unreleased collab with The Chainsmokers.

After the green flag was waved, Alesso took the stage during the start of the race, then Skrillex ended the day for us! Both artists clearly had a large following there with Snake Pit goers absolutely losing their mind during these sets. It’s very rare for us Indiana Natives to see this much talent in one day, in our own city with this level of production.

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 10.56.40 PM

With that being said, this Snake Pit was one for the books. If you’re not originally from the Hoosier State and you love EDM, day drinking, and people watching, the Snake Pit is the place for you. From the flying beer cans, the Brads n Chads, the ‘merica outfits, and everything else, this is the Snake Pit in a wrap. Check out the recap from their twitter below!

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