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SHSTR keeps impressing us all with his unique sound and style on his latest release “The Exile”. Two months after his release of “Artificial Sunset,” SHSTR delivers us another single that pushes the boundaries of music. You can stream it on multiple platforms here.

SHSTR is as much an interactive experience as it is a music project. The artist behind it all has created an entire world, the city of Drinis, from where his music and custom artwork originate. Imagining a dystopian future controlled by organizations like “The Drinis Union” and the “Avant-Garde,” SHSTR and his Ghost Boy Society are society’s last hope. Inside his Discord channel, SHSTR creates puzzles and art for his fan’s consumption.

MESSAGE RECEIVED FROM REGISTRY# 46352 Hello, I need help. I have been exiled by The Drinis Union and the Avant-Garde for leads of helping SHSTR and the Ghost Boy Society. I will send out a message through the post soon! Please stay posted or I don’t think I’ll make it.

Ghost Boy Society Discord

“The Exile” opens with beautiful melodic sequence. This is interrupted once by one SHSTR’s signature glitches but then returns. When this breaks, “The Exile” takes on a darker tone. Hypertuned vocal effects and a steady slow beat finish off the track. Even though this track definitely has two different sides, it is all melded together by SHSTR’s excellent sound design and his ability to create a large, cinematic feel from even the simplest of beats. We cannot wait to see what SHSTR has for us next in his musical saga.

Listen/Stream: SHSTR “The Exile”

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