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Without saying a word, Purity Ring just teased a new song for the first time in three years. The last we heard from them was their single, “Asido,” in 2017, and we’ve been missing them ever since.

Purity Ring

Well, our prayers have been answered. It looks like there may be a new Purity Ring project on the way soon.

The band posted a cryptic link this afternoon via their official reddit account, leading curious fans to an interactive website. The site welcomes you to the “journey of pink lightning,” and instructs users to start clicking. If you get lucky and click the right spot, you’ll hear a short clip of the song — the more you click, the more you get to hear. (Warning: it does have to be viewed on a desktop.)

After a little bit of playing around, we were able to hear the full song. And believe us, it’s worth it… Purity Ring is back, baby.

Although they haven’t officially announced anything else yet, we’d recommend keeping a close eye on them for any more mysterious clues to come. So far, they’re set to headline at Lightning in a Bottle this year, and this has is wondering if it’ll be a new live show.

Check out their reddit or join their discord for more hints!

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