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Fluent in creating visionary soundscapes, Of The Trees is back with another transcendental track. “Windhorse” featuring Sophie Marks, out now, is the first track off of his upcoming EP. With an introductory track like this one, we can only imagine what else is in store. Of The Trees is known for his experimental sound design, and this new track does the same, but in a minimalistic and melodic way.

“Windhorse” kicks off with deep reverberating whistles, inviting us into the perfectly crafted land of aural environments. Bass ricochets hypnotically while Sophie Mark’s vocals add buttery pop-leaning melodies that elevate the track. Subtle oscillating drums keep the tempo of the track, guiding us all the way to the end of this mesmerizing tune.

This is just the beginning of new music from Of The Trees. With his last EP release in 2019, we are highly anticipating the rest of this EP. Of The Trees took to Twitter to let listeners know to not expect “womps” and “wubs”, but to expect a more “chill and vibey” sound from this next collection of tracks. “Windhorse” sets the precedent and our excitement high.

Listen to “Windhorse” by Of The Trees below:

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