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True electronic mastermind, Getter, is back in his element. We’ve seen art in rare and free-flowing form with this man, and he never fails to surprise us. Getter’s Napalm EP brings unstoppable heat and gives us nostalgia with those original Getter dubs.

“Bad Acid” Promo Video

The Napalm EP

One of the greatest ways Getter continuously pushes boundaries in electronic music is by not succumbing to societal standards. Music can often get lost in the shuffle, and Getter has always made sure his music stood out. Much like his Visceral LP, Napalm challenges the way we view electronic music. Furthermore, it bridges the gap between high bass frequencies and gutter sound.

Firstly, we got a bit of a sneak peek of what this EP would entail with the release of “Bad Acid” on October 23rd. This track gives us a psychedelic experience with intense snare-rim taps and synthetic handclaps. Moreover, with the release of the entire EP, Getter gives us his full artistic and free-flowing vision that goes beyond what we could have imagined.

Dropping Bombs

Getter’s Napalm EP offers six precisely mixed tracks that provide us with a visionary appeal taking us on a journey through Getter’s mind.

Firstly, in the opening track “Entombment” we get a bit of a taste of the vibe Getter was looking to spin this album on with a deep and dangerous appeal. Secondly, “Bad Acid” gives us bass submerged paranoia. Thirdly, “Clorox” gives us a textural switch up from the other tracks, yet keeps the consistency with those snare-rim taps. Fourthly, “ADHD” has a very upbeat feel, yet transitions throughout on a darker dub note. This does a great job of representing what having ADHD feels like. The fifth track “Represent” we were blessed with late last year. “Represent” will give you energy at any time of the day and truly brought out the old school Getter we know and love. And last but certainly not least, “Hole In The Boat” closes out this incredible EP with jammy throwback to Visceral vibes.

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