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Nikademis was dropped into our radar with his enchanting flip of the legend Porter Robinson’s ‘Divinity’. On first play, or actually after 10 more plays to be honest, we knew it wouldn’t be the last of us hearing his gritty and energetic sound. Now, Nikademis loads up on the arsenal and lets loose a stylish midtempo banger that’s sure to turn to heads and break some necks with ‘Crossfire‘.

Nikademis Crossfire

After a long streak of spinning other songs into his own universe of sound, Nikademis makes a triumphant return to original music this year with ‘Crossfire’. The track begins with an ascending escalation of retro synths marching at the beat of your already racing heart. Suddenly, the track unfolds into a myriad of shredding melodies and aggressive basslines firing upon your senses. And with an infectious groove, it’ll have you ready to take on any bad day with your head held high. Just the kind of music the world needs right now.

This isn’t going to be the last time we hear of Nikademis, and frankly, we’re excited for what else lies in store for his big 2020. And you can listen to part of this journey below now. Out via TRILLVO.

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