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It is just the beginning of 2022 and we are already being tugged by our heartstrings from Moore Kismet with “Parallel Heartbreak” featuring Pauline Herr. The new single arrives from their upcoming album, UNIVERSE, and it’s out now through Thrive Music/Virgin Music. The iconic duo returns for their second collaboration since their “You Should Run” collaboration a couple of years ago. From the angelic vocals to the breathtaking production, there is no doubt that you’ll get emotional when listening to “Parallel Heartbreak.”

From Left: Pauline Herr, Moore Kismet. Photo by @dnz_media

Now entering Moore Kismet’s realm of what a “Parallel Heartbreak” brings!

Immediately, you are transported into this enchanted land within Moore Kismet’s vision. Through elegant soundscapes from the introduction, Pauline Herr’s ethereal vocals engulf you. With no surprise, through Herr’s vocals, we are intensely tugged at our heartstrings. “I don’t want to end up broken-hearted,” brings a very relatable line that we can all sing to. While simultaneously, Kismet lets the magic of their production compliment Herr’s vocals celestially. To close out the track they unleash the wonders of their creativity. From the mystical breaks that hypnotize you, to the hidden flairs that Moore Kismet sprinkles throughout their tracks – you just can’t help but crave more once the track ends.

It’s no mistake that this duo continues to surpass all expectations, creating another timeless track together. “Parallel Heartbreak” is for the romantics in all of us. A perfect track to listen to under some pretty lights and just dance out that energy within yourself. Without hesitation, Kismet and Herr bring us a track to let our feelings loose in the most dazzling way.

The year is just starting out for Moore Kismet!

Naturally, the continuous growth of Moore Kismet and their talent is not something to overlook. After a tremendous 2021, there is plenty more in store for them and the rest of 2022. With a very highly anticipated album to be released later this year, Moore Kismet continues to stun everyone around them. Nevertheless, we are blessed to watch them grace the electronic music scene with progress by consistently pushing the boundaries. After all, we can’t help but be excited for what Moore Kismet has in store for us. For now, let’s just enjoy the emotional journey of “Parallel Heartbreak” together!

Immerse into your feelings with “Parallel Heartbreak” below!

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