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It’s terrifying to be vulnerable, especially when so many eyes are on you. However, Mokita has never been afraid to be unrelentingly honest and personal through his music. To the Nashville-based electro-pop singer-songwriter, music has always been his way to tackle the sincerest of subjects that many artists may be too daunted to disclose.

Recently, Mokita unveiled his latest single “Over You”. The single is a heart-rendering three-minute experience through the atmospheric and chill elements of electro-pop. It immediately captivates your eardrums and holds your feels hostage. It’s also therapeutic for listeners who may not be in the best emotional space and dealing with a rocky breakup.

The Songwriting Process

When sharing his songwriting process, the producer got openly candid. After showing his close friend the single’s introductory riff, the chorus melody naturally flowed out. He didn’t have any lyrics at that point so the two were merely mumbling words and seeing what stuck. One phrase that the two kept revisiting were the two words “over you.”

Months went by, and Mokita eventually knew that he wanted to finish the song. He reached out to the same friend, who lived a couple of states away, and they started sending voice memos and texts back and forth to complete it. The lyrics to “Over You” is in the format of a letter, with the inspiration stemming from Mokita’s first bad breakup and how he was able to heal.

I remember I used to write these letters to my ex that I knew I was never going to send. And in knowing I wasn’t going to send them to her, it gave me this sort of freedom be more honest and completely blunt and ask these almost rhetorical questions that I know she’d never be able to answer, because there wasn’t an answer to them. That’s what this song is at its core. There can be so much therapy in just writing something down, even if you know no one’s ever going to see it.


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