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Has Minnesota ever let us down? The weird, experimental bass master has been putting out one wonky tune after the next. The Cali Native has stayed consistent in bringing that West Coast creativity to us all. On his latest single, Minnesota devours our appetite for bass. This track has us ready to hop in our spaceship, bump this tune, and take a beautiful excursion through another portal.  

Devour‘ begins with an infectious bassline that sounds like its straight from an 80s rock band. The mystical sounds create a dreamy haze that encompasses your mind. This leads way into a muddy breakdown that collides numerous high- and low-end pitches which causes a deadly mashup of bass. He catapults you into another dimension as you drift into a daydream.

Minnesota then brings the eye of the storm to the listener as a soft medley plays. It isn’t long before dark basslines bring back that substantial feeling. Before you know it, you’re about to get smacked in the face again. The second drops, however, glistens much brighter as it sounds like a completely different tune. The breakdowns sound as though a star is erupting. This track is clearly intended to be played on some heavy-duty speakers that will magnify each distinct noise.

Stream the track below and be sure to check out his upcoming tour dates HERE. His team will be invading venues, installing a full Void sound system. You know it’s going to get real thick and heavy. I’m concerned about those venue workers who are unaware of what is going to go down. I can guarantee they will be left shaking. Not to mention he is bringing along Of The Trees, Thelem, Wreckno, Eastghost, Abelation & Thook on various stops. If you’re trying to get freaky before festival season, this a tour that you absolutely should not miss.

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