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Coming hot off the Wavecraft Collective label, Matheny gives us a stellar introductory of his production in it’s maximum overdrive mode with his latest decimating EP, ‘YES’, packed with 4 bass-bending songs that chop away at the senses.

Matheny is a good friend of the Electric Hawk Family, going as far back as releasing a slamming guest mix on Electric Hawk Radio.

Matheny and Lysn at The 40oz Takeover in Fort Walton

Opening the heavy EP is ‘Harbinger‘, with ominous plucks, progressively rising in intensity, picking away at the ears, overlaying with low-ends, and cinematic drums that set the mood for the rest to come.

Ending the project is ‘Everybody Know‘, by far our favorite from the compilation. Everybody Know echos in old-school dubstep synth sound design, where Matheny still provides a modern and experimental twist of his own sounds that compliment it so perfectly, creating this hair-raising track that without generates a pulsing and riveting environment when heard live, making time around you slow down, feeling every kick, every moment.

Matheny is going to be one to watch in 2020. This EP is a top-tier debut from someone small in the underground bass community filled with so much talent like him, and without a doubt his sound demands to be heard and will be appreciated soon enough.



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