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Maces expresses a more poetic side in his latest single, “Talk About It.” A beautiful blend of gentle vocals and soothing synths, it differs from his past releases. This song precedes the drop of his debut Fluctuations EP, coming out December 23rd with The Arcadium Project.

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Maces unveils a new layer of talent.

Germany-based producer Maces surfaced mid-2020 and hit the ground running with the unrelenting banger, “Badboi.” Since then, he continues to drop heavy-hitting heaters. We’re blown away by his ability to consistently drop tracks that make us want to throw ass. He shows his prowess for incorporating analog sounds in “Vortex,” and his affinity for bass fusion in “Patch#03.”

Still, Maces displays a multi-genre talent with “Talk About It.” This liquid drum & bass track inspires imagery of a quiet night drive. “Talk About It” emanates an introspective vibe and eludes to the weight of words left unspoken. The smooth synthesizers gently crest and fall like ocean waves at low tide. Indeed, Maces opens a new chapter of his production with this song. We’re excited for what else is in store on the Fluctuations EP, and can’t help but wonder what Maces can’t do.

Listen to “Talk About It” and check out the debut Fluctuations EP by Maces on December 23!

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