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LUBOKU‘s latest single, “Circles,” is just what the doctor ordered. If the name does not ring a bell to you just yet, it will real soon. The Melbourne, Australia based electronic artist has been working his way to the top since 2014 and is showing no signs of stopping. For those of you who are fans of Petit Biscuit and BAYNK, you are in luck; LUBOKU was handpicked by them last year as tour support, which launched his growth immensely. His music has that special spark that carries listeners into worlds full of lush, melodic, and danceable soundscapes. Likewise, LUBOKU’s “Circles” does just that and we are positive you will love it!

“Circles” LUBOKU

We are stuck on LUBOKU’s “Circles”.

Within moments of pressing play on “Circles,” we are bobbing our heads to the thumping beat and humming along to the melodic lyrics which linger with a sense of longing. LUBOKU’s love of sci-fi inspired production shines through on this track, as he creates a “sonic journey” for his audience.

 Circles is about feeling stuck in motion, unable to work out whether to move forward or back. I found myself overcome with indecision during the early stages of lockdown; I think a lot of those feelings are reflected in the lyrics of this one.


This year seems to be inspiring artists to look inward.

Along with this beautifully introspective track, LUBOKU has been working away in the studio on his next project. An EP entitled SPACE WALK will be arriving on October 30th, and we are oozing with excitement! LUBOKU creates some incredibly fresh ambiances and we are sure his name will be popping up even more after the release. If you are vibing with “Circles,” be sure to check out the rest of his discography before SPACE WALK drops!

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