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Artwork by Kierra Bronson

Falling in love is a really interesting phenomenon… on our list of things we “LOV3” experimental bass takes up all top three spots. So, naturally, this latest track from Ujuu has us feeling some type of way.

Isaac Schaffer, aka Ujuu, has one of the most promising sounds in the underground right now. Continuously pushing out these downtempo, experimental, and trap-hybrid heaters. Our mans is relentless, and “LOV3” just proves that he’s not letting up anytime soon.

LOV3 Ujuu
Ujuu (photo by Kayla Renee)

The intro immediately lights up our thoughts and gets us thinking about what love really means. The build-up gives us a beautiful moment of reflection. Tension-filled melodies and ominous chords sit together with our thoughts. Leading into this choppy, deep, and wonky drop, and you feel a release of the weight that’s been sitting on your chest. I’m talking, “I lost 30 pounds with Jenny Craig” type weight – lifted right off.

Ujuu never lets up with this one either; once you think you have the beat figured out, he flips it, twists it, pulls it, and spins it, going full Bop It™ style on the beat. Ending the track just as peacefully as it began, basically telling listeners I hope you all enjoyed your ride (which we did, and we are getting in line to ride again right now.)

“I was trying to make something that felt like a journey or a story… this was something that came out while thinking about my own thoughts on love.”


So bottom line, I like it, I ‘LOV3’ it, I’m gonna need some more of it.

Stream the Electric Hawk premiere of “LOV3” by Ujuu below:

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