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New Orleans-based producer and Who Dat?-enthusiast Klutch takes the Bassnectar anthem “Upside Down” and weaves it into a wonkier and more downtempo remix. Klutch has a successful history of remixing and modernizing tracks across all genres, from artists like Beethoven and G-Eazy.

The original “Upside Down” was the opening track for the Divergent Spectrum LP, Bassnectar‘s sixth album. It’s a complex matrix of hip-hop beats, sirens, and bass dives. However, Klutch‘s remix slows this down and incorporates more contemporary sounds. For example, the melodies make the listener’s ears feel like they are ascending a wonky flights of stairs before sliding down down to the bottom to start the climb all over again. Also, the congruence of vocals and sirens have a way different vibe in this version. In conclusion, this buffet of base is a refreshing and new way to listen to a classic Bassnectar track all over again.

Well Divergent Spectrum came out the year I graduated high school and was my first real introduction into Bassnectar. His Lights remix lead me there. Upside Down was the first track on that album and so it’s kind of what started my wonky journey. I heard dub before that (Scary Monsters and Flux, etc etc) but not “like” nectar so I had a deep affinity for the track. It’s a tad face paced so I wanted to slow it down a bit and update the sound design for the current scene. The rest just came as the process went.


Stream Bassnectar – “Upside Down” (Klutch Remix) here below:

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