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GUDFELLA expresses growing curiosity of learning about the person across the room shows in his latest single “She Knows,” released Friday, June 3rd. The spellbinding track becomes the introduction to GUDFELLA’s newest direction in his musical journey. “She Knows” unleashes hypnotic, luscious soundscapes featuring the sensual vocals from GUDFELLA himself.

GUDFELLA She Knows Cover Art
Cover Art: Justin Litchfield

“This song is all about a woman that casts a spell on you as soon as you look into her eyes. This is the woman you see from across the club, the one you brush shoulders with at a festival, or the one you see at an airport, only to never be seen again. You don’t know her, but you wish you did and as soon as you two part ways she becomes a prime tenant in your mind, making a living inside of your head.”


Figuring out what “She Knows” inside our head

Without a doubt, there are common feelings of affection and fascination about that person crossing our path and our eagerness to learn more about them. GUDFELLA brings this feeling into his contagious track that slowly begins to alter your reality. Although hours passed since you witnessed this mysterious person, the words, “she makes a living inside of my head and she knows…” continuously repeats through your conscience. Now, this feeling has become a realization that this spell from first glance will never diminish.

Immediately, GUDFELLA showcases his newest direction within his career. “She Knows” becomes that late night track you’ll hear as you drive home, remembering that one person you saw earlier. Naturally, the track gives that intoxicating feeling that brings you into a daze, and now you’re hooked. In the end, GUDFELLA unleashes a track that will be added into your daily rotation of music. Within just the first few seconds, “She Knows” becomes that sensual track you’ll always remember.

Learn what GUDFELLA and what “She Knows” below!

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