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Ginseng has recently shared with the world his debut EP, Distorted Faces. This composition is a delectable 6 track EP that has us very excited for everything he has in store for the future.

After a few years of making music, Ginseng decided that it was finally time to share his sound with the world. His self released EP Distorted Faces is truly nothing short of amazing. In this work, he has incorporated a few different elements across subgenres. With a touch of neurofunk, experimental dubstep, and drum & bass, this EP is an impeccable collection of sounds.

For starters, the track “Random Robot” begins with a series of short bubbly sounds that creatively lead into the song’s catchy drum beat. Ginseng’s attention to musical detail here is very apparent in the way that he blends each sound with the next. To follow, Ginseng brings us that classic drum and bass vibe infusing his own warped twist with the track “Runnit.” With tantalizing breaks and a very textured soundscape, “Runnit” is a certified banger.

Prior to the release of Distorted Faces, Ginseng stirred up excitement on twitter when he said:

I think I found someone to throw some vocals on this downtempo jawn, pretty stoked if this works out

– Ginseng

And not surprisingly, adding those vocals did more than work out. Moreover, “Angelic Contact” is truly unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. The intro and what follows it is mystifying and captivating. So much so that it might make you feel like you’ve actually come into contact with a dark angel just listening to it. Ginseng truly has a talent for creating very dynamic and complete melodies, while also integrating every single small element of sound our ears would love to hear. The chune “Samurai Whack” is truly everything we love to see from a bass track. Filled with heavy yet electrifying sounds, this one will really have you asking yourself,

“What did I just listen to?”

To add on, the synths in the tune “Hollow” are so incredible and the composition of the entire song is on point. Dark and mysterious, this is the kind of pure experimental bass that we love to see. Without a doubt, “Down the Tube” will truly take you an adventure with the irresistible filth it beholds. Overall, this entire EP is filled with dark and seductive sounds you won’t be able to stop yourself from making faces at.

Equally as diverse as it is enjoyable, this debut EP is not only impressive, but truly mesmerizing at the least. Every track in this EP is incredibly well made and the attention to detail is astonishing. Ginseng has stunned us with his production capabilities, and the future looks very bright for this up and coming artist. With his first release being this complete and cohesive, we can’t wait to hear what he has in store next.

Listen to “Distorted Faces” below, and stay tuned for future releases from Ginseng.

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