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You know those songs that bring you right back to a specific memory or a moment in time? “Echoes” by EMBRZ will take you right to that happy place. Labeled as progressive house by the man himself, the song blends floaty magical vibes with an upbeat bpm that can bring you to your feet, give the perfect start to your day, or provide a smooth background to mellow out to. Give it a listen outdoors in the sunshine.

EMBRZ is all about lush melodies, epic moments and a naturally whimsical tone, often laced with nostalgic vocals. His music sonically oozes playfulness, maturity and is emotional electronic music at its core. The self-taught multi-instrumentalist weaves a plethora of influences, to provide rounded and organic sounding music. Finding it difficult to identify with one specific genre, EMBRZ’s defines himself as a pioneer of emotional dance music.

embrz echoes

During lockdown I’ve been re-listening to a lot of the progressive house artists that got me into electronic music. I’ve always loved the emotion of the prog house style and it had me inspired to try put my own spin on it. This track was the result and I hope you all like it!


Listen to “Echoes” by EMBRZ below:

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