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Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if ODESZA and Petit Biscuit had a baby? Wonder no longer, Em is here to provide that sweet sweet noise to you.

Hailing from Holland, Michigan, he’s spent some time in the underground opening for Daily Bread, Artifakts, and Cofresi. Pulling from several different inspirations that can be compared to ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective, Em crafts a bright and uplifting electronic ambient project consisting of 5 tracks.

Personally following him for some time now on Twitter, he’s a high-quality and immensely kind-hearted artist, and upon the first time listening to his work, it is swift to realize the notion that there is something seriously blooming here.

A while ago, I had a very brief conversation where I had the chance to see more about the artist behind Em:

First things first, I’m from Holland, Michigan. Born and raised, music has always been in my life I grew up listening to all sorts of music from classic rock to rap. I started producing a little under 2 years ago and it’s definitely been a ride. I started the “Em” project as just a way to express myself in any artistic way possible. Nowadays my goal is to essentially not only continue to express myself through music but also take people on a ride with music while growing and developing a sound that is signature to my image. In regards to influences it’s kind of hard to say, haha. Electronic music wasn’t my cup of tea at first, I remember buying Skrillex’s Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites album and wasn’t too impressed ’til I came across the track With You (My Friends). That changed my outlook in general on EDM, but to fast forward to today I’d definitely say I’m very much inspired by Odesza, Haywyre, Pretty Lights, STS9 and even a little Big Wild, love that guy! Within the next year I definitely plan on dropping two more EPs one of which is more of a ambient spacey type of Odesza sounding one, the other being a more glitch-hop based EP as well as hopefully continuing to grow in Michigan as a local artist as well as hopefully the Midwest that and who knows maybe open for one of my inspirations haha one can dream right?

If you’re seeking for truly underground artists to support, add this to your next up.

Congratulations on the EP, Em. Listen to Written Emotions, Pt. II here.






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