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56 minutes of misery and wonder. EASTGHOST‘s artistic journey since his last album ‘Omniscient, They‘ comes to a head on ‘Misery & Wonder‘ released on Bitbird, the culmination of two years that has felt like a lifetime.

Captured by Haley Jensen

I first discovered him through a hunting Soundcloud years ago for music, when I stumbled across a random guest mix, that just so happened to be there at the perfect time of my life, Rinse FM’s Podcast, with Plastician. Since then, it felt like he completely fell off the grid. A strong force in what truly defines forward-thinking electronic music, his music has had a deeper reach to minds than most, making this lack of long wait for music feel like starvation.

‘Misery & Wonder’ is what lies behind a red curtain drop for EASTGHOST, conveying every human emotion in its rawest form, pulsing with anxiety and dread and teeming with bliss and awe, this body of work is a truly unique experience from start to finish.

The opening track, ‘Masque‘, summons a heavily-layered atmosphere that prepares you to face the truth in its purest form.

There were tons of manic highs, depressing lows, and all around strange, terrible, incredible moments of newness and just growing up ultimately these past two years. This record really grew up with me. In the recent two years of writing my album, “Misery & Wonder” I’ve come to understand what I need to pursue with this project. To finally hear an hour of original music that I truly resonate with & believe in is a very satisfying & personal experience. Easily one of the proudest moments of my life.” – EASTGHOST

Magnolia‘ is an instant favorite and one of the most ethereal songs on the album, quite literally an out-of-body experience. According to EASTGHOST, a music video is in the works.

In a world where music is released day after day, following trends and more of the same, never showing their true face and the real art behind their own masks, we’re immensely grateful to have EASTGHOST take his leap of faith in creating this magnus opus and crafting something that will stand the tests of time.

‘Misery & Wonder’ is now available for streaming everywhere.

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