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Future dance duo Colson XL and producer/vocalist ero808 released Dreamgirl last week and we haven’t stopped listening since. Their highly anticipated collab EP provides listeners with twelve minutes of fresh sounds that embody so much of what we love about dance music.

We want to be their Dreamgirl.

Each track of the EP flawlessly intertwines to create a delicate yet effective and masterful piece of art. “Dreamgirl” overflows with trap beats, creamy melodies, and distorted vocal chops. We feel every song from the top of our heads to the tips of our toes. Conveying emotion through music was the assignment, and Colson XL and ero808 definitely understood.

For the story we wanted to chronicle an emotional descent due to a toxic relationship and capture all the nuances that come with this. As the songs change lyrically we wanted the production style to change as well and become darker. 

A big vision for our music is to capture signature sounds and creative elements and apply them to different genres so we can work in many different styles. We definitely feel we were able to achieve this with the EP. We were able to experiment with various textures, moods, and genres in a way we felt was cohesive.

Colson XL

Colson XL and ero808 both have stacks of phenomenal releases and collabs under their belts.

Colson XL

2021 has been an insane year of releases for our friends Colson XL. 2020 wasn’t too bad either, appearing on Sable Valley’s first summer compilation with capshun and much more. If you’ve failed to hear the magic of Colson XL, head on over to your preferred streaming service and pick any song. Instant fan.


ero808 has been creating music for years, and his talent is evident. His release “#tattoos” with capshun and Colson XL has been one of our favorite singles of 2021. We’re excited to dive deeper into the discography of ero808, and Dreamgirl is a great place to start.

Pop Dreamgirl on for an instant mood boost. Listen here:

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