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Codeko and Luma have teamed up to deliver “Setting Fires,” an emotion-filled tune about falling out of love. This pop-infused melodic track is this summer’s loveliest break-up anthem, out now on Thrive Records.

No live events over the last year left me with a lot more time than usual. I was able to spend more time at home with friends and family, but it also gave me the freedom to make whatever music feels like in the moment. This track was one of the first things I made with that extra time; without the pressure of being ‘dance floor’ ready or fitting a ’sound’. I recorded a lot of acoustic guitar and took it in a different direction to what I usually would; I think the result is a track that is unique in its own way, and laid the foundations for the rest of the ‘lockdown’ music I wrote.

Codeko Setting Fires
Photo Courtesy of Thrive Records

Let “Setting Fires” inspire you to heal your heart.

London-based Ed Clark, better known as Codeko, got his start in music very early. Learning the piano at the young age of 5, he now brings his classical music upbringing into the electronic world. Receiving nods from industry greats like Tiesto, Oliver Heldens, and even pop giant Charlie Puth, it is clear that he brings something special to the table. Already having graced the stages of Tomorrowland, Electric Zoo, and Life In Color, Clark is sure to continue dominating festivals for years to come.

The ending of love always requires us to be bold in facing what comes next. We have to learn how to be happy on our own. This song tells the story of the beginning of that journey.


Coupling Luma’s rich vocals with Codeko’s elysian production style, “Setting Fires” is an uplifting and emotive tune that moves listeners through sound. Teeming with gentle synths and pop influences, this sonic beauty has something for everyone to enjoy.

Feel it all out with Codeko and Luma and listen to “Setting Fires” right now.

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