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Techno isn’t for everybody, especially in the U.S. scene, but we can’t fault those born without taste. After winning a DJ competition nearly a decade ago (where the prize was playing mainstage Tomorrowland), Charlotte de Witte has been virtually unstoppable and Visions is another stop in her runaway success story.

Known for her dark and stripped back sound, de Witte (formally known as Raving George) has not disappointed with her first release of 2020.

The title track, “Visions”, is a lot like a well-trained sword. Sharp but refined. Dangerous only for moments at a time. Techno is meant to be felt as much as it is heard and when the bass kicks in, this song is a vision of something mechanical and on the hunt. Like the tentacles breaking through the gates of Zion in the (obviously perfect) Matrix Reloaded. Like the cyborg creating Chum Bucket bucket hats in the (critically acclaimed) Spongebob Squarepants movie. Like the (very real and true) fact that all birds are government surveillance drones.

In our opinion, techno is at it’s best at a solid 135 bpm, and “Out Of Balance” is no exception. Melodically interesting and evolving the whole way through, this is first dance music. Play this jawn at your wedding and you’ll have your racist granny fist-pumping with your far left pro-Bernie cousin. Dizzying and free. Unrelenting and menacing. Music is the great equalizer and in the words of i_o, “Sorry I only speak techno”.

The sparkly synth line sounds exactly like working through trauma.

To say we were surprised with the Kangding Ray jungle flip of “Unthoughtful” is an understatement. De Witte really didn’t have to bless us with this French legend’s brand of therapeutic tribal. Last year, Ray made waves with the launch of his label for “organic, emotional club music, for the body and mind”, Ara. And boy oh boy could this track make us lose it on the dance floor. The sparkly synth line sounds exactly like working through trauma. The kick drum sounds like deleting your exes number. When the melody comes back in? We came to terms with and mourned for the flour baby we destroyed in 6th grade home ec.

To close with the original “Unthoughtful” after that vortex of a remix immediately prior is a stroke of genius. De Witte channels something magical in this 65 bpm piece of emotive music. Raw, deep, and hypnotic. We could live in this track. Utterly brilliant.

Visions is a whirlwind of sound. Well crafted and intentional. How do you say “as a treat” in Dutch? Listen to Charlotte de Witte Visions below:

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