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Cover art by Jei Kobu

capshun finally released his breathtaking debut EP, OKAMI, to take us on a journey through sound. Flexing with clever trap beats, this capshun EP is also strongly influenced by the sounds and arts of Southeast Asian culture.

The Dallas-based beat-maker is truly blossoming; he’s been working hard over the last six months to bring us the experience that is OKAMI. This six track EP’s sound stemmed from his appreciation for Asian arts and culture. capshun is in the wheelhouse of trap and experimental bass, but continues to push the envelope day by day.

Fusing cultural influences, capshun brings together peaceful Asian soundscape and filthy new-age bass in harmony with OKAMI.

“Okami is an alternate name for Ametersu, who, in Japanese Shinto religion is seen as the goddess of the sun and the universe. There is a Japanese folk tale where Okami walks the earth as a wolf deity and brings miracles, and basically saves Japan from destruction. I wanted to create a world that brings the elements of the goddess [Okami] to life through sound.”


OKAMI begins with “Rage,” ironically welcomed with alluring sounds and music by the beautiful Japanese flute. It feels like a peaceful scene then joined harmoniously with a hard, heavy war drum and trap 808.

The combination is soothing, but also delivers those crispy kicks and snares that make you wanna bob your head and dance.

Following in suit, “Destiny.” Starting off with a high-end synth and whimsical build up. It feels as though you’re floating through the forest, drifting along with the birds in the trees – up, up, into the clouds. The drums are building more and more below you, and the bass comes in to dance with them in flow.

Continuing to flow effortlessly between songs, next is “Quintessence” with Floret Loret. The mesmerizing vocal samples, uniquely layered trap beat, and dreamy synths of “Quintessence” tie together flawlessly.

“Kimetsu” continues to deliver the trap, this time more synth-heavy, adding to the intensity of the scene. The second drop brings more energy with clever drums and fat subs. Closing the track, capshun flows into a relaxing nighttime soundscape with a soft traditional flute.

Teaming up with Quiet Bison on “Acai Tower,” released this on Quality Goods Records last month. Fitting seamlessly into the EP, “Acai Tower” leads with a long, engrossing, emotional build. When that bass hits, you might want some hand sanitizer because that shit is sick.

To conclude capshun’s OKAMI EP, “Luuj” brings intense, yet optimistic emotion to the table. Throughout the track, it feels like a huge rush of hope is overcoming. “Luuj” showcases a variety of clever drum samples and hip-hop influence alongside peaceful natural sounds.

OKAMI ends on a note of strong, energetic peace. A feeling of hope for change. Feelings of growth and prosperity instead of darkness. Positive light that we all need to feel.

Find peace in OKAMI and listen here

If you enjoy capshun’s sound and want more, check out music from Bonsai. capshun is one of the creators and curators of Bonsai, which is a quickly growing experimental artist collective.

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