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To put it into DJ Khaled’s voice – “Another one” has been added to lineup for the upcoming BRONSON album. “KEEP MOVING” is now the fourth release from BRONSON and it’s a banger.  

BRONSON Keep Moving

This is by far the hardest hitting track by BRONSON yet.

This explosive track is everything we have ever wanted and more. Distorted bass that is blended with a deep brooding kick. Vocals that are slapped on, adding a layer of menace. As the track builds, a powerful driving groove with clanging notes sprinkled on top. All of this allows “KEEP MOVING” to reach an unprecedented level of darkness. An extra spicy chune, and the perfect addition to the upcoming album.

The music video for this track is also very interesting and gave us a few laughs. The hilarious corporate stock footage is even better with this new track. Have a good laugh at BRONSON Inc! 

Stream “KEEP MOVING” down below and let us know what you think!

Watch the music video for “KEEP MOVING” here:

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