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Is everybody in? Benji Robot is taking us on a sonic exploration. Fresh off the hype surrounding his mind numbing set at Tipper and Friends, Benji Robot continues to create a buzz delivering his debut LP, Sedona. This mesmerizing 14 track project sits at nearly an hour long, consisting of downtempo adventures. Strap in or better yet get cozy, grab a pair of those expensive earbuds and enjoy the ride as we dive into Sedona.

Lets first introduce Benji Roman, the producer hailing from Michigan. To describe his music using only one genre would be extremely limiting. Benji Robot touches on a multitude of sounds and genres that could range anywhere from heavy dubstep to soothing downtempo. He combines the effects of psychedelia with eccentric basslines to create immersive tracks that will leave you in a hallucinogenic state. Sometimes it gets deep, dark and mysterious while other tracks will have you floating through the cosmos as the producer toys with your mind.

“Proudly presenting my debut LP “Sedona”! This 14-track downtempo journey is an experimental exploration of existence, love, and euphoria.” – Benji Robot

The project opens with ‘Final Stage in Human Evolution’ and begins with an existential message.The voice makes us question the long strange trip that life truly is. The passage stresses human nature’s mistake of attributing meaning to life, let go of that existential life crisis and create! To sum it up, as Tame Impala once said, “just let it happen“. The song only furthers your introspective state of mind with a wide variation of sounds floating throughout your eardrums. The light medley helps you escape from reality for a few minutes sending you into a beautiful daydream.

Benji Robot’s ‘Greta Thumpberg’ can be described as pure bliss, no matter your political affiliations. The vibrant beats give us a sensational, warm desert feel that will carry you away into the dark night. As drum patterns are contorted into mystifying breakdowns, there’s something pleasant about the aura that sits over this medley. 

The Deep End’ is one of my personal favorites so far. The lucid tune could lull even a volcanic eruption to peacefulness. Weird twists are met with futuristic synths that will have your body feeling like it’s been abducted. These crunchy breakdowns make way over mutilated beats that have you in a gaze while you peep out through your spaceship window. 

‘Miles Away’ will satisfy your desire for that rich, ooey goodness that is known to melt minds.

Creating the allure of being miles away from home, the track expands into a vivid stream of sounds from all pitches and ranges. The beats open your mind leaving the listener in a new state of consciousness. Suddenly you are awoken to a strange place, completely dazed. Although, you may be far from wherever you need to be, this track will help make this alternate reality feel like home. 

Sedona’ features enchanting vocals paired with grungy rock bass lines to create a surprisingly fearsome dynamic. The track will have you exploring the darkest corners of your mind, whether you like it or not. The breakdowns are disfigured into a frenzy of sounds from all ranges that will only catapult you into a dreamlike state. 

The track appropriately titled ‘Lava Lamps’ has our brains feeling just like those little orbs of lava slowly shifting, drifting and transforming into a gooey mess. As Kateri whispers in your ear, Benji Robot provides mangled breakdowns that have will have you feeling like the walls around you are caving in. We advise that you take a seat for this one. It’s a lot to take in at once. 

Bardo’ is a word from the Buddist religion describing the transitional state after death, before you are reborn.

Well if Bardo is anything like Benji Robot makes it out to sound, I think we’re all going to be just fine. The beat is scratched and dissected giving the allure that someone is beatboxing through a mic. The grainy beats are mutated and stripped down into brighter sounds giving that illusion of paradise approaching. 

The Little Thing’ is full of beauty jammed into 5 minutes of musical creation. The soundscapes are simply immaculate. The track will have you feeling as though you’re the main character in your favorite video game on an epic quest. What that mission entails? Well, that’s up to your mind to decide. Kick back and navigate your mind through the complexity of sounds. 

We’d love to dive into each track further but we think it’s your time to shine now. Press play on the new LP and prepare to enter an alternate state of reality. Make sure you follow Benji Robot on socials to keep up with his latest news and releases. With an album tour imminent, you might want to tune before it’s too late. 

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