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Amon Tobin a.k.a. Two Fingers has returned. This time with a full-length LP entitled Fight! Fight! Fight! Featuring collabs from forward-thinkers G Jones, Ivy Lab, & Little Snake, this project was destined to leave us all mind-blown. The album is reminiscent of previous projects by Two Fingers, yet it still feels very fresh and new. For the first time in eight years, we have a new Two Fingers LP. It is a blessing any time there is new Two Fingers music. This time, Amon has blessed us with more great tracks than we know what to do with. 

The title track on the album boasts aggressive basslines, tribal drums, and invigorating breaks that keep you enticed. Again, Two Fingers flexes his chops in a track with bass music icon, G Jones. The track is a mirage of their distinct styles and will leave you melted, with “Zero Face.” The Ivy Lab feature is nothing short of what you would expect… a halftime banger that will not let you rest for a moment. From front to back, this album is flawless and packed with high energy rhythms and beats.

Electronic music pioneer, Two Fingers has brought much to the halftime and experimental bass community for many years. The multi-talented artist has been constantly working on all sorts of new music and different genres, as well. Whether it would be scoring your favorite video game or making your favorite jam, he has been extraordinary for so long.

He is really a production wizard.

The new album is hard evidence and we are so glad to see him diving back into bass music and sharing it with us.

Listen To Fight! Fight! Fight! Here:

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