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San Diego-based Substant is bringing turned-down, wavy vibes to the table with his latest offering “flux.” Out now on Bonsai Collective, this one makes you wanna dim the lights, light a candle, and just really enjoy the moment.

Before migrating with his family to San Diego, Scott Conrad, better known as Substant, grew up on a small island off the coast of Andorra. His once sheltered life was a sharp contrast to Conrad’s bright and busy new life in San Diego. Enamored by the new western culture and technology, he immersed himself in music and set out to create a path of his own. Nearly a decade since his move, he has done just that. Pulling inspiration from all that surrounds him, his forward-thinking melodic beats are one of a kind.

flux” was written when I was going through a fair amount of change in my life. Making a big move to a new part of the city, job troubles, and the whole chaos that was and still is COVID. I wanted to write a song that reflected that change, mainly represented by its structure. I hope listeners can tune in and feel part of what I felt while creating it.


Substant gives future bass a facelift with “flux,” adding in vibey lo-fi elements while a hip-hop-inspired bassline rounds the track out. Also featuring elysian vocals and a soothing melody, this track is an emotive and dreamy showstopper. Paving his way to success through beautiful and melodic tunes, Substant is without a doubt an artist to watch.

Dive into the dreamy world of Substant with “flux” right here.

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