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It’s officially time for the release of Houman’s 5 track EP, “PSYCHE.” Inspired by human nature and patterns of the mind, each track has a totally different feel. Between the wonky bass, hip-hop influences, and melodic interlude, Houman captures a variety of feelings and emotions through this EP. With two previously released singles off the EP, the rest follows suit and lives up to the hype.

“Psyche” and “Daewoo,” the first two tracks of the EP, are outstanding. With glitchy elements and abrupt vocals, the sound production is very reminiscent of G Jones. If you’re looking for more experimental bass in your life, this is exactly what you need. The tempo of these two tracks will keep you moving the entire time.

Pairing up with Dugosh for “Cognitive Theory,” they slow it down a little bit, but still give us that heavy dose of brain-melting bass. The intro starts out more calm than the previous two until we start to see more of the hip-hop influences come out. This was the perfect track to lead into the melodic interlude, “A Glimpse of Meaning.” A breath of fresh air, this song shows his uncaged diversity. The final track of the EP, “Here/Now,” wraps it up with one final banger. Here/Now is more on the mellow side compared to the start of the EP but it flows perfectly following the interlude.

Listen to PSYCHE here!

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