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Genre-bending duo, baskets, has stepped up to release their massively anticipated wave EP ghost.. This hauntingly beautiful three-part offering is thrilling enough to wake the dead, and we at Electric Hawk have the exclusive first listen.

Courtesy of Baskets

The men behind the music, Jarrod Misner and Johnny Lamon, originally bonded when they were stationed together while enlisted in the US army. After going their separate ways, they both found themselves performing and producing in their local scenes. Originally Jarrod’s solo project, baskets has become a group effort between the two. Fusing personal styles and spanning many genres, the baskets project is the harmonious brainchild of two brilliant minds.

Flowing effortlessly from track to track, ghost. is an immersive sonic journey through dimensions unseen. “revenant.” draws you in with spectral vocals, while “reincarnate.” wakes you up with its otherworldly melody. “revelation.” rounds out the EP and finishes strong as the most upbeat of the three. Out now on the iconic label, Human Error//, this 3 part stunner is an instant classic. In tandem with the EP, baskets have also launched their website and a brand new merch line that you can check out right here.

No need to conduct a seance, let baskets bring the ghost. to you.

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