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EvoluShawn stems from Boise Idaho and continues to impress with his latest EP, Lost World. Out now on Sublimate Records, get ready to bump this manufactured “nightmare” from the mind of EvoluShawn. This EP is a statement to the EDM Community. EvoluShawn is pushing himself to the next level to become a well-rounded producer. Sublimate Records describes his EP as “forward-thinking, and takes you on a genre-bending journey.” EvoluShawn dives into the DnB realm, while also transitioning into dubstep, footwork, jungle, and bass music.

The Dystopian World

Instead of devolving into a COVID potato, 28-year-old Shawn Grove used all his extra time during the first lockdown to write the Lost World EP. This explains the title because EvoluShawn put a lot of thought into a dystopian world past the point of no return.

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“Lost World”

The EP starts off hot with a classic DnB vibe and euro vocals rapping about staying lowkey. By using Ableton Live, Shawn was able to produce a banging drum and bass number that is a deep and emotional amalgamation of sounds past, present, and future. EvoluShawn creates a DnB world with an up-tempo breakdown. This track lets the music get up in your mind and stir up all the right emotions to get you moving.

“In The Rave”

The spine-tingling flute melody is a unique dubstep offering that has a chilled-out vibe and some wonky bass. Now, we can tell that after the DnB banger, EvoluShawn wants to showcase his diverse ability to also produce a different genre. Shawn Grove delivers with this dive into the rave. We picture ourselves vibing with the crowd while moving closer to the bass as it ensnares everyone with its smooth rhythm. Shawn produced a beat that tickles the eardrums with a flute and mesmerizes its listeners using a soothing beat.


EvoluShawn has created “an enthralling and emotional footwork-jungle piece with quick, tight breaks in a nod to classic Om Unit stylings,” according to Sublimate Records. Shawn increases the energy as he takes us on a musical rollercoaster with an upbeat nature in the track. This track is the longest on his EP which allows us to be immersed in this footwork piece. The tempo switches back and forth, alternating hi-speed full-time and half-time sections. We are hypnotized by EvoluShawns ‘Connection’ with the clock like sounds and rap vocals peppered throughout the track. The build ups are reminiscent of a grand event with the piano keys hitting at just the right moment while the choir vocals build leading to a footwork breakdown that will leave the crowd moving all throughout the dancefloor.


Now, Shawn has fully prepped us for the climax of the EP. We have reached the apex of his experience and now we get to ride this wave. The crowd will get moving to this techy drum and bass track that emanates big energy. We can see it now, EvoluShawn unveiling his new EP to the crowd and everyone loses control of their body as the drum and bass take over the crowd’s cerebellum. This track is an upbeat and masterfully crafted number that will make everyone stop what they’re doing to dance wherever they may be at the rave.

“Let The Good Times Roll

Alas, we have reached the end. Now that we are all loose and warmed up, EvoluShawn brings out the big bass guns. The track itself is very laid back, yet an absolute sub-shaker. We are reminded of the bass-centric style of the Pacific Northwest that blurs the lines of various genres. This track is an incredible summary of what “EvoluShawn-ary” form Shawn Grove has morphed into for his first EP with Sublimate Records.

Lost World does a great job at showcasing EvoluShawn’s diversity. Sublimate Records made a great decision by collaborating with Shawn Grove and we are very excited to see these two working together. The sky is the limit for Shawn and he has created an amazing new world for himself and his music.

Listen to the Lost World EP from EvoluShawn below

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