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Fan favorite Blanke returns with his new single, “Fragile Violence,” featuring singer Nevve. Together, the dynamic duo use this track to give the listener a peek into their own raw emotion.

Blanke Fragile Violence Electric Hawk

The song begins with soft melodies and lyrics that challenge the listener to look inwards to their own vulnerability. The melody momentarily stops, giving the spotlight to the vocals. The listener is briefly held there before being brought down into a frenzy of emotion and doing it all over again. Blanke truly gives us a nostalgic melodic track and highlights Nevve’s voice beautifully.

It comes as no surprise that Blanke can make a banging tune that also really taps into the feels. After his recent flip of Paramore’s “crushcrushcrush” and his remix of Crooked Colours, “I C Light,” we look forward to hearing more from the talented Australian producer.

Finally, listen to “Fragile Violence” below!

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