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Zarian Brings the Heat with ‘God of War’

Electric Hawk bad boi, Zarian, has brought the heat once again with his newest single, “God of War.” Bringing forth classic dubstep elements with a new school style, this track will have you absolutely boppin’.

Following the eerie, yet melodic intro, this track is heavy with dark vocal samples and hard-hitting drops. After a few outstanding singles along with an Electric Hawk Radio mix under his belt, this is a name you won’t want to miss.

We also got the chance to chat with Zarian about the making of his latest release.

I was really going for a classic dubstep vibe on this one — taking a lot of elements from that 2015 era and incorporating them with what’s really popular now. I remember playing “God of War” when this quarantine started and ended up pulling out so many samples from the game that really shaped the track to what it is. There’s a lot more like this coming out soon and also a lot of non-dubstep things in the works as well!


After this one in addition to his Harmony festival set, it’s a no brainer that we’ll be seeing lots more from this talented producer in the future.

At last, listen to “God of War” by Zarian below!

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