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Happy Monday! Will everyone please pass the aux to Vibe Emissions because Ridin’ Music Vol. 3 is out now! Every year we are gifted another installment to the Ridin’ Music series, and this year volume 3 came to compete. Buckle up and get ready for this four-track thrill ride.

Bryce Herlong of Vibe Emissions

Bryce Herlong of Vibe Emissions has been a long-time favorite for us at Electric Hawk. You simply can’t have Vibe Emissions without 140 sound, and you can’t have 140 sound without Vibe Emissions. Finding his home on the Scared Hive label, Herlong continues to make his name a staple of the underground. Pushing the boundaries of sound and the boundaries of our car speakers.

“Ridin’ Music is a series that allows me to fully express some of the earliest influences that inspired me to make music. I get to revisit a lot of nostalgia from my teenage and early adult years and intertwine it with what inspires me now. It gives me a chance to really get in touch with my roots. The phrase “Ridin’ Music” actually came from a good friend of mine. When I first started making music, I was showing it to him and asking him for his thoughts and feedback. He replied, “it’s that Ridin’ Music.”
Volume 3 is my favorite release in the series yet. This is the first time “Ridin’ Music” has ventured outside of the 140 range, including 2 halftime tracks this time around. Papa Bear absolutely nailed the art and really brought the project to life.”

Vibe Emissions

We have to agree, this installment of Ridin’ Music might be our favorite yet. Taking a step away from his typical sound and proving his universal range, Ridin’ Music Vol. 3 is a true testament to Vibe Emissions’ talent.

Puffin’ on Blunts

Let’s hit a route real quick. The EP opener “Puffin’ on Blunts” is the ultimate tone-setter. It only makes sense that the intro to Ridin’ Music Vol. 3 has that crash your car type beat. With deranged acapellas paired perfectly with some bouncy mind-bending bass. If this track doesn’t instantly commit you to the rest of the EP, then I’m sorry but you can’t be trusted.

Life on earth is just a ‘Death Sentence’

Okay, where is the lie? The next track “Death Sentence” is a perfectly named menacing tune. It’s easy to find yourself caught up in the thick layers of this track. Good luck making it out of this one alive.

‘West Coast is Back,’ baby!

With this EP being packed full of insane skill, ‘West Coast is Back’ stands out for us. Those west coast wobbly roots shine through with this ever-changing track. All I know is I can’t wait to be standing in a crowd yelling “SIX MILLION WAYS TO MOB CHOOSE ONE” at the first Vibe Emissions show post-pandemic. “West Coast is Back” takes us on the scenic route from the lowest of deep dub all the way to the highest of DNB.

‘Lets Get it On’

Like all good things, Ridin’ Music Vol. 3 must come to an end. Staying true to the rest of the EP, “Lets Get it On” contains yet another set of insane acapellas ready to be shouted from the drivers seat of my car. Just wait until I tell the driver next to me at a red light “don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing!” Finishing on the highest note possible, “Lets Get it On” has the most intricate and downright nutty drop i’ve heard in a minute. With the gas pedal securely on the floor from the moment this track starts to the very end, I’ll be lucky if I don’t get a speeding ticket riding around bumping this.

To sum up this new EP, Vibe Emissions is a mad man.

Roll the windows down (after the Winter Vortex) and stream Ridin’ Music Vol. 3

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