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Vibe Emissions compiled another set of heaters for us in their most recent EP, Emit. This comes only four months after the release of the Intelligent Beings EP. Producer Bryce Herlong showcases their ability to consistently create heavy hitting tracks on the Emit EP, dropping through Wubaholics.

Vibe Emissions has us headbanging anytime, anywhere with this new EP.

“Sploosh” opens up the Emit EP by building tension with ominous chimes. When it drops, the rumbling bass makes us want to swing fists with an alien invader.”Punks” follows and matches this energy with a driving triplet rhythm. Indeed, the wavering tones and manipulated lasers emphasize the otherworldly nature of this EP. Wrapping up the EP is “Waves.” This final track is perfect for escaping from a spaceship, capping off a Rick and Morty-style adventure with the homies.

Vibe Emissions has proven, once again, their uncanny skill for releasing fist-clenching bangers. The Emit EP was the perfect way to end 2020 – a high-energy way to enter a new year.

Listen to the whole Emit EP below!

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