Top EDM Moments of 2018

Memories were made, necks were broke, kandi was traded. Let us bring these moments back to life so we can reminisce one last time before the new year.


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This is the Electric Hawk Top EDM Moments of 2018.

Throw Your X Up

Excision continues to grow the bass scene bigger and stronger. The king of heavy bass has done it yet again. From Bass Canyon to Lost Lands, necks were literally broke across the United States. These are two festivals that should be on every headbangers bucket list for 2019. If you can’t catch him at one of his festivals, he’ll be on the Apex tour in early 2019!

If you missed Lost Lands, check out the recap here!

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Subtronics has officially made one of the biggest come-ups of 2018, I feel like a proud parent watching him grow. From being the most wholesome human to all his wonky sets, we all absolutely have to love him! Paradox Rocks was definitely one of the sickest shows of 2018 with an absolutely stacked lineup. I think Jesse was still daydreaming about Lost Lands when he let out “LOST LAAA-OH MY GOD” and followed it with “I’m speechless”.


HE$H Hoods Up (Remix X Behemoth

This was hands down on of the hardest drops of 2018. This drop had me breaking my neck all the way from Couch Lands. HE$H’s rapper-like persona and ‘dgaf attitude has made him stand out among other producers. 2019 is going to be a huge year for HE$H- it’s time to ride the Burner Posse wave. 


The First Behemoth 

This was THE ANTHEM of 2018. Hearing this song will absolutely never get old. I really don’t even have words for how much I love it. Thank you, SVDDEN DEATH. 


Gud Vibrations

Nghtmre and Slander absolutely DESTROYED every festival this year with their Gud Vibrations sets. After taking over Ultra, EDCLV, Lost Lands, and more, these two amazing artists collaborating on a record label is going to bring some big things to the industry. They’re already announcing Gud Vibrations sets for 2019 including Electric Forest and Ultra Miami. We hope that 2019 is going to bring some Gud Vibrations into everyones lives! 

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The Binches

The best B2B2B2B you’ll ever see, an “EDM Supergroup”… THE BINCHES. Comprised of such unique artists, Kayzo, Dotcom, Yultron, and Ookay, it’s no question that they brought an absolutely fire set to EDCLV. Their intro was so creative and hilarious, it immediately had me waiting for more. I can sense something brewing on their rapidly growing Instagram page, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a 2019 tour!



Now That What I Call Riddim

To the suckas, y’all better duck off ’cause it’s 2KFO! 2018 was the year of riddim and dubstep. So many sick artists emerged and brought heavy wubs and wonky sets all year long! From Boogie T to Blunts & Blondes, and a lot more, these artists kept the energy high and the riddim pumpin’. Like I said before, Subtronics absolutely killed it this year and his Now That’s What I Call Riddim has been on repeat heavily since it dropped. 

Top EDM Moments

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Huuge Shoutout To Our Ladies!

One of the best moments of 2018 was the come up of some badass women. Alison Wonderland has been in the game for a while now but she never stops fucking us up on a spiritual level. Seeing the rise of women like Cray, Sippy,  GG Magree, and Whipped Cream shows a bright future for women in the industry. Seeing them pop up on more and more lineups is never going to stop exciting me! I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings for all of these ladies!



2019 Tour/Festival Announcements

The inaugural year of Forbidden Kingdom and Ubbi Dubbi, only one weekend of Electric Forest, new venue for Ultra, 10 years of Big Dub. 2019 is going to be wicked. There’s going to be many stacked tours including Alison Wonderland & Dillon Francis, Up In Smoke Tour with Subtronics and Blunts & Blondes, Excision, and many more. Start saving money up now so you don’t break your bank or have to experience FOMO all year!


The Beautiful Community

The EDM community is literally one of a kind. From the shufflers to the headbangers, we make up a very unique group. The music, the vibes, the lifelong friendships. The growing community will forever be one of the best parts of each and every year. Let’s keep the good vibes alive in 2019 and keep the EDM community a safe, beautiful place!

*Honorable mentions go to the fall of Datsik, the return of Skrillex, and Squnto smoking mids.*

What a time to be alive.

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