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Supertask dropped his cover of Lapalux’s ‘Without You’ along with a video that’s just as chilling as the track itself.

Portland-based Supertask has perfected the low-end sound that hits you deep in your chest (and sometimes your heart.) Consistently producing tracks with ridiculous flows and immersive beats, “Without You” follows suit.

The “Without You” cover is absolutely beautiful. Crisp sounds, pounding depths, and a numbing flow tie in together to make this cover what it is. Making life stop completely for those four minutes and forty-four seconds, this track captures you. With the video, Supertask embodies heartache and guilt flawlessly, the first time watching will leave you speechless.

The ability to channel pain through music is tough, and Supertask does it oh so well. The “Without You” cover challenges all listeners to confront whatever they might be going through and attempt to heal. This track has the ability to bring clarity and power to those who need it most.

Right now life is weird and tough for so many people, It’s easy to feel uncertain of the future. It’s perfectly normal to admit you don’t feel good or you’re not okay. There are always options to seek help or just have someone to talk to.

“Without You” will be out on all platforms July 7th, until then stream the music video and support your fav underground artists like Supertask.

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