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Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom and River Beats Colorado have teamed up for another banger SHIFT Thursday.

Next Thursday, September 16, Supertask, tiedye ky, Xander, Sully, PIERCE, and the homie Mport are lighting up the disco ball in 5 Points, Denver. Whew, what a lineup! Do not sleep on Mikey Thunder as well, the energy that man brings to the stage is unmatched. Attendees are praying to the nature bass gods that a Lab Group live performance may be in store for the night. Who knows, under a Baby Blue Super Moon, anything is possible.

Supertask Shift Poster

The SHIFT Thursday series at Cervantes has been advocating that the weekend starts early for a little over a month now. (Because working after a 2 AM show is the complete opposite of fetch.)

Rock stars such as Inzo, Dreamer’s Delight, Tripp St., and Russ Liquid have been setting the roof on fire in the Mile High city. Friends have been made and hopefully not too many enemies. The club has indeed been bumping, the ladies look great, and the alcohol has absolutely been flowing. There is pain in this world, but not Thursday nights at Cervantes.

Anyways, the Hawks and Hawkettes highly recommend not missing everyone’s favorite (certified) loverboy tiedye ky. Scientists advise leaving enough Space For Me (and you) during the Lab Group portion of the night. Fans will be pleased to hear The Other Side is open with a staggering lineup. Xander, Hastur, Mport, Pierce, and Sully could honestly be its own main room lineup in itself. Xander has brought his own sound to the ambient, bubble-blowing music scene in recent years. Sully is guaranteed to make you “Back It Up” even if G-Rex is not there. Lastly, send us a video of Supertask playing “Healing” for umm, research purposes.


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Sad music and sick beats, Dude.

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