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Parrotice and Ruku come together on “TINE.” A week from today, we will be enjoying all of the sounds of Parrotice on his new seven-track LP, There Is No Evil. But today, we were lucky enough to get a sneak peek of the LP and premiere the track “TINE” a week in advance exclusively on Electric Hawk.

A Haunting But Soothing Journey Through Sound

“TINE” begins with a soft static white noise to draw us in. This noise develops into a guitar riff, with the sounds of birds and other life blending into one soft melody. A haunting, ominous presence hangs over the track. But at the same time, the crackling and soothing sounds provide comfort. It is reminiscent of sitting around a warm campfire in Suwannee, Florida. Parrotice slowly lures us in. It is not until around the 90-second mark where we hear the magical voice of Ruku softly find its way into the mix.

The percussions kick in, and Ruku’s voice takes the forefront. The dark downtempo beat kicks in the back. Parrotice flexes his sound design skills by adding growls and rumbles that satisfy the taste buds of those in search of stomach-churning bass. Meanwhile, Ruku’s words have an eery sensation over them. Certain phrases such as “Through the Shadows I Surrender my Grief” stick out. But, throughout it all, there is always a sense of comfort, which rings true to the name of the LP, There Is No Evil. Yes, there are some uncanny creepy energies. But overall there is a sense of warmth as Parrotice soothes us with his beats, and Ruku melts us with her words.

Who Is Parrotice?

Based out of Atlanta Georgia, Parrotice has been pushing the boundaries in bass music over the past years with his own brand of low-end experimentation. Pulling from trip-hop, dubstep, IDM, doom metal, and crust punk influences, he displays a  pallet of sound uniquely his own. As dark as it is beautiful. The juxtaposition of dark and beautiful is blended perfectly in “TINE” and is a signature of Parrotice’s unique style.

Rooted deeply in sound system culture but always pushing to be forward-thinking, Parrotice is dedicated to change and evolution in musical sound. He is always searching for new ways to bring his fans into his world through his distinctive lens of expression. Making all of the artwork for the LP as well, Parrotice does an exceptional job of making There Is No Evil a window into his mind.

Ruku Fits the Mood Perfectly

The collaboration between these two is magnificent. Ruku, who is known for her one of kind art and clothing, as well as her voice, softly guides us on Parrotice’s journey. From the moment she begins to sing, the listener becomes enamored in her soft but powerful voice. After crushing her Tiedye Ky collab, Lunar Girl,” Ruku proves once again that she is a versatile vocalist who fits well on almost any track.

Parrotice Ruku

Stream There Is No Evil In One Week

We are lucky enough to share this sneak peek at Parrotice’s LP a week in advance. “TINE” is a lovely and powerful tune that leaves us yearning for more. Lucky enough, Parrotice will be releasing the full LP on 2/22/2021. With a great amount of energy poured into this project, and collaborative efforts from other passionate artists, we can assure you that this is not something you want to sleep on.

Listen to “TINE” by Parrotice and Ruku below, and support your favorite creatives:

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