ODESZA’s unreleased songs have long been teased throughout their sets, and the duo is revered as some of the most spectacular and breathtaking live performers, creating something much more than a normal set, but instead bringing an experience and auditory story to lucky audiences.

While effectively immersing fans into their worlds, they’ve made sure to craft unique songs strictly for these performances, making attending their events an absolute must.

Photo taken by @DarielTL on Twitter at ODESZA’s A Moment Apart Tour in Chicago, Illinois.


In the last few years, The Foreign Family Collective founders have released a dazzling EP and three otherworldly full length albums, including their recently Grammy-nominated A Moment Apart.

With all of this being said, it brings to question: How many ODESZA unreleased songs are they sitting on?

As artists, the creative electronic duo have a plethora of reasons as to why they are not released.

It could be due to projects being unfinished and in progress, not being up to par with their standards through their expressive means and brand, or simply to keep fans intrigued with live shows and more easily develop a one of a kind connection with fans on tour.

A Reddit AMA revealed that there is a possibility many of these may be dropped as a live album, perhaps similar to their other album, In Return (Deluxe Edition).

odesza reddit live album image.png

Furthermore, I’ve taken the time to dig deep and list every single unreleased work I could find from ODESZA, in hopes to share with other die-hard fans, educate any interested fans on the journey they’ve taken growing their sound and production, or simply expose others to something they may like.

Below you’ll find everything I’ve found of ODESZA’s unreleased songs, along with links to have a listen or videos taken at their live shows.

SPOILER ALERT – As I mentioned, multiple songs listed on this page are strictly played live, so if you want to embrace the unexpected and get a true feeling of ODESZA’s world, you might not be ready for this yet until you see the magic on tour first!

Let’s get started.

ODESZA – Say My Name feat. Zyra (VIP)

One of their most popular tracks from their second album, In Return, has gotten a fresh spin with a more upbeat tempo.

ODESZA – Loyal

Having been played several times as an encore track, this song booms in a cinematic trap vibe that ODESZA has been playing through their live sets for years now.

ODESZA, referring to a Reddit AMA question about the song’s release: So that track is actually an original song we did. Currently calling it Loyal. People think it’s a remix of make me feel better because we sampled the same accapella. Not sure if we’ll release it, it’s always just been a fun track we built for the live show.

Listen to an unofficial version of it on Soundcloud by clicking here.

ODESZA – Memories That You Call (VIP)

With their Red Rocks 2017 show came plenty of surprises, such as the debut of new music that eventually was released on their A Moment Apart album, but someone managed to shoot a wonderful video of this sick house blended remix.

I first heard this during their set at Electric Forest Music Festival 2017, and I’ve never heard a crowd scream from being caught by surprise so loudly in my life.

Listen to a live recording on Soundcloud by clicking here.


ODESZA – Sun Models (VIP)

Without a doubt one of the most breathtaking moments I’ve ever had, the video above is a clip I captured at their A Moment Apart tour stop in Chicago, Illinois at the UIC Pavilion.

Resonating with ODESZA’s sound, this song in particular seems to be a perfect fit for finales.

Earth, Wind, and Fire – September (ODESZA Remix) and ODESZA – (untitled ID)

These tracks was debuted at their Lightning in a Bottle set in 2013 found at the 41:22 timestamp in the video and then at the 44:22 timestamp.

Credit to Henry Jones on Facebook in the ODESZA Family page for pointing these out!

ODESZA – Always This Late / How Did I Get Here (Mashup)

In addition, another glorious track that feels like a journey, this mashup was blended together so well that it may as well be an entirely different and original song.


Debuted at their set at Day For Night in 2016.

ODESZA – Harder (Intro ID)

Contributed by Brianna on Twitter. Listen to it on SoundCloud by clicking here.


Also credit to Brianna on Twitter for sending us this. Listen to it on SoundCloud by clicking here.

ODESZA – It’s Only (VIP)

Seems like hearing this live paired with their stage production and the drumline choreography is equivalent to jumping off of a skycraper, growing wings, and soaring through the skies, eventually landing at a McDonalds that miraculously has a working ice cream machine.

I am convinced this is what you hear when floating up through the gates of heaven.

As the live performance of this song builds in tempo, your nerves begin to rack up, the hairs on your arms stand straight, goosebumps all over your body, as you stare wide-eyed at the stage in awe. The ending climax feels explosive, and there’s a surreal release of emotion at the last hit of the drum.

These guys are the fucking Hans Zimmer of electronic music.

In conclusion, this is what I’ve found in my searches and personal experiences with ODESZA’s unreleased music and live edits.

If you know I missed anything, help complete this list and email me at darieltl@theelectrichawk.com.

Thanks a lot for reading and I hope this was super helpful to any fans or even exposed new ones to their sounds!

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Featured Image created by Melanie Weaver, found by clicking here.

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Written by The Electric Hawk

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