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If you need more wobbly bass in your life, look no further. Mize continues his journey down the realm of deep bass with his latest track “Wrist”. The DJ graced his fans with this heavy-hitting track on Soundcloud on Christmas Day and we’re still vibing to it to this day.

The track starts out with an eerie intro below slowly taking the listeners into the buildup. This heavy-hitting track is paired with wobbly baselines along with “bass in the face” vocals, making it a perfect downtempo bass track. The first drop brings in new, “look at my wrist vocals” as well as riffs that will have you falling out of your chair.

“Wrist” is the most recent release from Mize since his Comfort Colors mix, which came out last October. Hailing from Alabama, Mize is heavily influenced by the sounds and tempos of southern hip hop and R&B.

Listen to “Wrist” here!

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