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Arguably one of the best original mixes released this year, MIZE’s Mindset Mix hits the hammer on the nail with invoking an immersive experience that from the jump feels like you’re dropping down from the top of a roller coaster ride, all while staying true to his own style/world.

On top of the insane samples, unreleased tunes, and edits woven into this, MIZE seamlessly pulls us through some of his previous productions from his recent EP, Imagery. Other singles like his bass heater Quaked and an ethereal ambient tune Drifting all make for a diverse journey from the moment the listener presses play.

With less than 2000 followers on SoundCloud, it is both absurd yet exciting to find a versatile artist like MIZE, because feeling like this work deserves more recognition, it is also all the more reason to show him vast support to pursue a far greater potential.

Become a fan and listen to his MINDSET MIX below.

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Dariel Leiva

Electric Hawk Founder. Chicago, IL