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Gather around, everyone. Y’all better be ready because it’s time for MIZE to take us on a journey with his new track – “Thought Process.”

No one other than our good friend, MIZE, is officially making his WAKAAN debut with his outstanding track, “Thought Process.” This track is the perfect downtempo change-up that reflects his complex sound design and capacity for dynamic creation. 

MIZE Thought Process
“Thought Process”

“Thought Process” is a distinct contrast to the recent releases from the WAKAAN label. The reason for why it is such a contrast is because it shifts from a crowd-moving, aggressive bass to thought provoking, deeper dubstep.  

MIZE takes fans on a journey with his new track. “Thought Process” opens up with spaced out synths and bird songs twinkling far away in a veiled sonic distance. He then slaps on swelling bassline as pungent synths start to ring out more tangibly. The synths start to gain speed, leading up to them sounding similar to a trance track. MIZE then drops off into a coalescing crash of synths, basslines, and hefty production. 

This southern Alabama boy is filled with nothing but unique talent we have come to cherish and love. Just like others have been doing, MIZE has been jumping into the digital world of livestreaming. Be sure to catch him this weekend on Twitch as he will perform to remember a special friend to the community. 

Stream the exclusive Electric Hawk premiere of “Thought Process” down below – out now on WAKAAN!

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