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MIZE has ascended to new horizons with his official project debut of the Thought Process EP on Wakaan, one of the most prestigious bass music labels to exist. Arguably one of the fastest-growing artists in the bass community today, he’s excelled in ways that have made this pandemic seem like a BANDemic.

Thought Process EP
Captured by Ginger Wesson

Packed with long-awaited IDs from his live sets, it’s a grand pleasure but also a victory for the community. Conjuring a die-hard following that connects with his witty nostalgic sense of humor or his exhilarating live set energy, he has cemented who he is within this world. Everyone wants to see him win because it’s what he deserves. We’re happy to see it every day.

Thought Process EP

Coming a long way since we first interviewed MIZE almost two years ago, it’s been a gift to watch the journey. The Thought Process EP also brings in a familiar name like Space Wizard to deliver a raunchy collaboration. There are some absolute rocket launchers on the project like fan-favorite “Laser Focus” (AKA the “Pew Pew” song). The entrancing “Thought Process” title track opens up the listening experience properly, transitioning into the rattling bass cannon that is “Shake Off.” Some of these tracks were debuted at his set on our Inaugural Harmony Virtual Festival earlier this year, now known as the Thought Process Mixtape which just hit 100k plays.

We’re only just scratching the surface.

Listen to the Thought Process EP from MIZE below. Out now everywhere via Wakaan.

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Featured image captured by Ginger Wesson.

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