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What if we normalized MIZE and Space Wizard dropping their collab? After having blue balls for literally months waiting for this to drop, we can finally say she’s hereeeeee. MIZE and Space Wizard team up on new single “Mind Filth” from MIZE’s forthcoming EP Thought Process via WAKAAN. This track is hittin’ harder than drinking a McDonald’s Sprite on the way to Ford Truck Month in a fresh pair of Yeezy’s.

It feels like just yesterday that MIZE dropped this track during his set at our very first Harmony Virtual Music Festival. We knew it was a phatty back then by the way the chat blew up. There truly wasn’t a dry pair of panties insight. 😳 But back then, “Mind Filth” was just a wee lil ID.

For almost an entire year, Mike and I kept telling each other we would make a song together, but we always stayed wrapped up in our hectic schedules. One day during a sound design session, I made the first bass patch you hear in the track and thought, “my good pal Space Wizard could take this to the absolute next level.” A few DM’s later and Mind Filth was created.


Things they had to do to em: it.

“Mind Filth” will definitely have your mind playing tricks on you. This dynamically wonky tune is the perfect representation of both artist’s styles. With an almost sinister feel from the jump, accompanied by menacing laughter, we immediately know we’re in danger. The bass isn’t the only thing dropping at 00:49 as we scurry to pick our jaws and pants up from the ground. MIZE and Space Wizard don’t let up either, leaving no room to catch our breath or gather our thoughts. Nothing but full-send full speed big boi beats from start to finish.

mize space wizard

As if things couldn’t get any sweeter or sweatier, MIZE’s full EP featuring “Mind Filth” drops tomorrow. Pre-save the EP for a chance to win a MIZE and WAKAAN merch package so you can properly flex on all the homies.

Experience ‘Mind Filth’ for yourself

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