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Mize, the young prodigy, presents Late Apex his new EP now live on WAKAAN. Following the success of the Balancing Act EP, I’d say this release is some of his best work so far. After gaining traction from many popular self-releases and mixes, he’s spearheading the next wave of bass music!

Growing up in Alabama, Ian Evans was raised on Classic Rock and Blues, which expanded to a love for early Hip Hop and Trap. His broad music taste keeps his trademark sound fresh. Every Mize song is unique, and that’s what makes this project so charming. Late Apex includes six tracks that encompass different genres yet still flow together flawlessly.

Mize Late Apex press shot
Mize, captured by: Damien

“A Late Apex requires a lot more precision, control, and finesse but can mean the difference between a trophy and a medal. I’m so inspired by those who compete and create at the absolute cutting edge, as I notice those with that internal drive often occupy the winner’s circle. Small precise changes can add up to big results.”


First up is “Lost, the special collab that we’ve all been waiting for! Mize and Conrank put their big brains together to create this absolute honker. The otherworldly introduction builds excitement as suddenly, the heavy bass unleashes. Without a doubt, this hefty tune is exciting as it compels the listener to thrash along to the beat. Next is a more melodic bass track that still packs a punch. “Poppin” illustrates the true essence of Mize’s style, which is simple yet buoyant. Not to mention the second drop has a tempo switch that will certainly keep you on your toes! Thirdly is “Savage, my personal favorite because who doesn’t love Megan Thee Stallion?! No vocals are needed, just hard-hitting beats that perfectly emulate one of the most popular songs in America. Mize’s ability to incorporate Hip Hop into his signature design is *chef’s kiss*.

This beautiful blend of heavy bass and melodic dub is a prime example of Mize’s brilliant artistry

Mize Late Apex EP artwork

“Take Control” has a psychedelic Bass House tempo, making it hard not to groove along. Get ready to wiggle that booty as this blissful track takes you for a wonky ride. After that is another long-awaited tune titled “Twisted.Identical to its name, the distorted cadence and echoes are truly hypnotizing. On this one, Mize bestows a Comfort Colors-Esque vibe that I can’t get enough of. Last but not least, is “Shinin'”, a collaboration with sfam. The commotion about this track is tangible and rightfully so! The boys truly showed out for this collab, because sheesh. The grimy bass fused with Trap and Hip Hop elements is absolutely impressive. It’s obvious that Late Apex is going to be the EP of the summer.

Above all, the underground is booming, and Mize is a trailblazer within the scene! It’s been a pleasure rooting him on and watching the Mize project thrive. From his slot on the B A L A N C E tour to sets at festivals such as Electric Forest and Ubbi Dubbi, Ian is unstoppable. What’s next for this verified artist? Besides continuing his festival run at Sound Haven and then Elements, who knows! I’m sure there’s something up his sleeve, but until then don’t forget to blast the Late Apex EP!

Dive into ‘Late Apex’ by Mize below!

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