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It’s almost Winter, and although it’s getting a little chilly now we luckily have Mize with a brand new all-original downtempo mix, ‘Comfort Colors‘, to keep us cozy.

We’ve been preaching that Mize is the truth for a year now, and every day it feels likes its coming to fruition that he’s the champion sound we’ve been longing for in the scene. Coming off hot just recently from his ethereal remix of Ciara’s 1, 2 Step, and earlier this year securing a set on Wakaan Festival’s inaugural lineup, Ian Evans, aka Mize, has made droves of us beyond proud for how far he’s come.

Comfort Colors

The successor to his previous downtempo all-original mix ‘DIVE.wav‘, in collaboration with our beloved visual wizard, DATABYTE, ‘Comfort Colors’ is an in-depth journey through the past and future for him, weaving together everything he’s learned along the way, and with the intent of absolutely crushing and leveling up his mixing in comparison to the prior.

We’ve said it before and you’re going to hear us say it a thousand times more. MIZE IS THE TRUTH. Stay in this weekend, get some hot chocolate and a blanket, and cozy up with lush unreleased music and his dream-like soundscapes, curated by our future headliner.

Listen to ‘Comfort Colors’ below.


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