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Electric Hawk is hootin’ and cawcawin’ today over the latest MIZE Balancing Act EP. With six tracks sure to win over your soul, the Balancing Act EP beautifully crafts a blend of downtempo and pleasing bass. Returning his craftsmanship to SSKWAN after one hot streak of a year, MIZE continuously sets the bar higher on what’s to come from his career.

Yo, remember a couple weeks ago when all of twitter dot com went off about Zeds Dead dropping “REFRACTION” at Red Rocks?

Here we are, yet again going off on rants for you MIZE. Just last November, the underground star released Thought Process EP. (Still arguably one of the best projects of the underground in 2020.) And now over half a year later, we’re holding standing ovations for him. Never failing to grab our attention, the MIZE and downtempo combo is an absolute force to be reckoned with.

A message from the Electric Hawk favorite:

Balancing Act is both a call back to some of the sounds and places that made this project come together in the beginning as well as a foreshadow of the new ideas, techniques, and themes I’ve been diving into as of late. Constantly as I grow older I notice that many aspects of my life are endless periods of balancing many things whether they be relationships, work, leisure, time, and even things as simple as taking care of your own body. I find that sometimes being an artist can be a Balancing Act of adopting new ideas while also attempting to keep the essence of what brought me here alive.”

Ian Evans, MIZE

Try distinguishing a favorite song off this EP… You can’t.

The Balancing Act EP lures us in with a “Slow Approach.” Pairing a light set of keys and harmonious string synths, this track has us feeling light as a feather. MIZE then takes us on a journey through “Infinite Expansion” with soundscapes pleasing to our mind, body, spirit. He then goes on to address the minds’ space of Clouded Judgement. And, how offering “Balance” into our lives can bring upon grounding and gratitude. Considering he’s able to dominate any sub-genre of electronic music, “Crystalsong” establishes that feeling of triumph for MIZE. To close, we’re dancing to “I Need Your Heartbeat.” No MIZE, we need yours.

Close your eyes, and real in the magic with MIZE as he performs his Balancing Act EP.

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